Amazon HQ2 plans for Queens, NY and Crystal City, VA

Amazon is finalizing plans to split its second headquarters
between Long Island City (LIC), Queens, New York, and Crystal City,
Virginia, a suburb of Washington DC.

The company originally announced plans for HQ2 back in September
2017, citing that their high-speed growth was too much for their
current headquarters in Seattle.

They’ve said they want as much as 500,000 square feet of
office space by early next year, and that they want to hire as many
as 50,000 full-time employees each earning an average of more than
$100,000 per year.

High speed growth

Since Amazon set up camp there in a garage in 1994, Seattle has
grown remarkably. Amazon now employs more than 40,000 people out of
their HQ there,
up from 5,000 in 2010

According to The Seattle Times
, as of 2017, Amazon’s company
footprint in Seattle was more than twice as large as any other
company’s presence in any other major US city. Amazon occupies
19% of all prime office space in the city (8.1 million square
feet) — more than the next 40 biggest employers in Seattle

While Amazon is still expected to continue expanding in Seattle
— reportedly to more than 12 million square feet of office space
within five years — it’s gotten to the point where the city can
no longer handle their growth.

Amazon now wants to hire another 50,000 employees, and Seattle
simply can’t attract or absorb that influx.

Reasons for picking LIC and Crystal City

By splitting their second headquarters between two cities,
Amazon ensures that HQ2 does not overpower their original
headquarters in Seattle.

Amazon already has more employees in those two areas than
anywhere else outside of Seattle and San Francisco.

Long Island City and Crystal City are both just outside of the
center of key cities, NY and DC. Both are accessible by their
respective city metros, and perhaps slightly more comfortable for
employees. Both have educated, technological workforces. LIC is
right across from Midtown, Manhattan, has skyline views, and is a
quick train ride away from the center of NY.

Particularly for LIC, some residents are worried about the
complications of adding Amazon to an already high-growth area and
how that will affect or hurt the area’s cultural history, current
residents, and costs of living.

Plans for HQ2

Between those two cities, Amazon plans to hire as many as 50,000
full-time employees, earning six figure salaries on average.

Understandably, that announcement sent cities across the country
into bidding wars to earn that kind of investment. Even at just
half of the expected 50,000, that number of jobs is still
dramatically larger than most corporations’ footprint in

As of November 5, Amazon is now finalizing the decision for
Queens, NY, and Crystal City, VA.

Implications for the industry

This is just another sign of Amazon’s immense growth and
rising dominance in the internet space.

In their Q3 earnings report, Amazon reported their ad revenue
was up 123% from last year, now worth $2.5 billion.

While advertising online was long dominated by Google and
Facebook, Amazon is making a stand as a strong part of the

Unlike Google
and Facebook,
Amazon realizes only a small part of its revenue via
. For perspective, their overall revenue was $56.6
billion in Q3, with only $2.5bn of that from ads.

Many marketers liken
Amazon Advertising
 to the early days of AdWords — it still
has a lot of growing to do. As only a portion of the overall
company, however, a strong case can be made for a
lot of explosive growth
to come.

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Amazon HQ2 plans for Queens, NY and Crystal City, VA