How can pursuing a blockchain course accelerate your career?

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A blockchain consists of blocks, which is a growing list of
records, that are linked using cryptography. When it comes to
digital currency, blockchain technology is the technology that
supports it. Digital currency refers to cryptocurrencies like
Bitcoin, and without blockchain technology, these cryptocurrencies
would not be possible.

The blocks in blockchains have specific purposes, such as
timestamps, which are helpful for use in cryptography. These
properties, which are part of a cryptographic hash, cannot be

Many of us use applications that use this type of technology.
For example, blockchain technology is used in digital
identifications, digital voting systems, cybersecurity, the sending
and receiving of money transfers, and so on.

The following video provides a thorough explanation of
blockchain technology:

Why go for a blockchain certification?

When it comes to choosing a career path, there are a lot of
factors that go into the decision-making process. For many, an
industry that is lucrative and growing, and thus providing
long-term job security, is important. Being certified in blockchain
technology may offer just that.

reports that globally, the blockchain market size is
anticipated to increase to $23.3 billion by the year 2023 at a
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 80.2 percent during the
forecast period: a significant jump from $1.2 billion in 2018.

Different aspects are expected to contribute to this growth,
including an increase in investments in blockchain technology,
increasing use of blockchain technology in supply chain and retail
management, plus an increasing demand for companies to streamline
operation processes.

The infographic below will be useful in understanding why now is
the time to get into blockchain industry.

blockchain infographic, showing top industries, companies hiring, average salary, and market growth

All of this points to one inevitable conclusion: With a growing
need for blockchain technology comes a growing need for qualified
individuals with the right certification. If you’re looking to
take you career to a new level, stand out among the competition and
be certified, becoming a blockchain certified professional just may
be your ideal choice.

There are a lot of ways to acquire a new skill. Learning
something on your own is certainly an option, but if you’re
serious about succeeding in this field, enrolling in a blockchain
course is often the better decision. Some of the many benefits of
blockchain courses include the following:

Receive the necessary hands-on experience

You may learn some basic blockchain technology skills when
you’re self-taught, but it can be difficult to receive the
hands-on experience, which is necessary for sharpening your skills
and preparing you for real work in the industry. By enrolling in a
blockchain course, such as one of the programs offered through
Simplilearn, students have the opportunity to take on hands-on
projects to gain some invaluable experience. For example, by
enrolling in Simplilearn’s blockchain courses, students get the
chance to build out and test the business network of a finance
company in Hyperledger Composer and deploy it on IBM Bluemix. The
educators that lead these programs are some of the most experienced
and successful professionals in this field, and by becoming one of
their students, you can potentially follow in their footsteps.

Take advantage of an organized learning structure

Another benefit of enrolling in a blockchain course is the
organized, structured method of instruction you’ll receive. When
you’re self-taught, you have to rely on yourself to stay
organized. And when it comes to learning something that’s
completely new to you, organizing your own curriculum and program
can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming. Additionally, when
it comes to learning an unfamiliar subject on your own, it can be
easy to completely overlook certain things that are an essential
part of the learning process. By enrolling in a blockchain
certified program, you’ll know that with confidence, you’re
being taught everything you need to know when it comes to
blockchain technology.

Showcase your expertise

If you’re learning about blockchain technology just to learn,
that’s one thing. But if you’re looking to take on a new career
path and you want to become certified, that’s something else
entirely. And in this competitive job market, it’s important to
receive the training and certifications necessary to showcase your
expertise. Let’s face it: explaining to an interviewer that
you’re self-taught may not be the best way to do this, nor is it
a very impressive addition to your resume. After all, anyone can
claim they’re self-taught in anything, but a certification is
concrete proof that you’re qualified.

When it’s time to take your blockchain certification exam,
you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. It takes a significant
time commitment to study for an exam and actually take it, and if
you’re going through all of this, you’ll want to make sure
you’re doing it right.

While self-learning can help you grasp the concept of blockchain
technology, it’s questionable whether passing the certification
exam will be possible. When you enroll in a blockchain course,
you’re enrolling in a program that has one very specific goal in
mind: to prepare you for your certification exam and to help you
pass. By signing up for an online blockchain certification program,
you can be be better prepared for your exam and receive your
blockchain certification, which is one of the best ways to showcase
your expertise.

How can blockchain certifications boost your

Enrolling in a blockchain course is the first step in growing
your new career; the next step is receiving your blockchain
certification. If you need some more motivation for getting
certified, consider the following:

Career growth

Let’s circle back to one of the biggest motivators when it
comes to job role selection: salary. If you’re looking for a role
that pays higher than average and will likely only continue to
grow, pursuing a career field in blockchain technology may be
exactly what you’re looking for. In fact,
CNBC reports that blockchain engineer salaries are expected to
, with average salaries in the U.S. ranging from
$150,000 and $175,000. On-the-job experience, coupled with the
right credentials, may give you the opportunity to negotiate a
salary on the higher end of that range.

Job flexibility

Another great trait of any career field is flexibility. In
today’s fast-paced world, the ability to work in a role that
provides flexibility can go a long way. Whether you want the chance
to telecommute, work an unconventional schedule, or find a job in
just about any major city around the world, the technology field is
one industry that tends to offer this type of flexibility. More
specifically, because more companies are seeing the value in using
blockchain technology, qualified individuals who are certified in
blockchain technology are much more likely to find a job that
offers a great deal of flexibility.

Because so many companies are quickly realizing the benefits of
blockchain technology, it means it’s unlikely that you’ll ever
feel bored. For example, let’s say you’re working as a
blockchain professional for a company that’s in the
retail industry
, but you eventually want to try something new
and more challenging. You can switch things up by taking on an
available role as a blockchain engineer in the healthcare industry.
While the core of your duties may remain the same, you’re still
notice a change when you switch to a completely different industry.
This is just another example of the amazing flexibility that being
a certified blockchain professional provides.

Demonstrated commitment

Learning something new on your own does show a level of
enthusiasm, but nothing demonstrates your commitment like enrolling
in a structured blockchain program and then pursuing your
blockchain certification. After all, this is a big decision to make
and it shows that you’re serious about your new career. It takes
both time and money to pursue a blockchain certification, and
employers recognize and appreciate this. If you want your next
potential employer to see how dedicated you’ll be in your new
role as a blockchain engineer, getting your blockchain
certification can be the perfect way to do so.

Interact with peers and blockchain experts

Another downside to learning on your own? The inability to ask
questions when you come across a problem. When you enroll in a
blockchain course, you have an instructor at your disposal who can
help you throughout your learning journey, from answering simple
questions to troubleshooting challenging issues. This is imperative
when it comes to learning something that’s new and rather
complex. You also get the opportunity to connect and network with
like-minded individuals who work in the same industry as you and
have the same interests. These invaluable connections can help
provide leads for opportunities in the future.

Bottom line

Are you ready to take the next steps in accelerating your career
by learning blockchain? Enrolling in an online program, such as one
of the programs offered through Simplilearn, has never been easier.

Simplilearn’s Blockchain Certification Training Course
get you prepared for the fundamentals and basics along with the
tools and projects.

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How can pursuing a blockchain course accelerate your career?

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How can pursuing a blockchain course accelerate your career?