Reach is overrated

It might be the biggest misconception in all of advertising.

The Super Bowl has reach.

Google has reach.

Radio has reach.


Why do you care if you can, for more money, reach more

Why wouldn’t it make more sense to reach the right people

To pick an absurd example, you can use a giant radio telescope
to beam messages to the billions or trillions of aliens that live
in other solar systems. Worth it?

I read an overview that pointed out that one of the cons of
Amazon advertising was that they didn’t have the reach of

This is wrong in so many ways.

Reach doesn’t matter, because your job isn’t to interrupt
people on other planets, with other interests. Your job is to
interact with people who care.

Running an ad on the most popular podcast isn’t smart if the
most popular podcast reaches people who don’t care about you.

Perhaps it makes sense to pay extra to reach precisely the right
people. It never makes sense to pay extra to reach more people.


Source: Marketing Blogs
Reach is overrated