Why Every Business Should Implement Sales Enablement

The success of your business today relies heavily on sales
enablement. But if you don’t know what this is, chances are, your
company is not making use of it. Sales enablement is much more than
a pep talk or a pat on the back for a job well done. In this
article, we will explore what it means to your business and how it
can change the way your company functions.

What Is Sales Enablement?

Essentially, sales enablement is a new term to describe the
tools – including data, strategies, processes, etc. – that are
used to create a strong team of sales employees.



Sales enablement tools are used by employees to
increase productivity
, and cover everything from the hiring and
coaching of staff to the creation and use of sales strategies to
increase sales. In a nutshell, this concept enables your business
to operate well.

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How Sales Enablement Impacts Your Company

There are several ways in which the proper implementation of
sales enablement can help your business. Here is a look at seven
main benefits that your business will experience after you add this
to your company’s sales strategy:

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1) Improves the Flow of Information Between Departments

As much as it sounds like a cliché, sales enablement fosters
team dynamics. It provides a smoother and easier flow of data and
information because it provides all departments with the same
information that leads to better understanding of customer needs.
With all necessary data available to all departments, strategy
sessions and teamwork improves.

2) Provides More Useful Data to Sales Staff

The more your sales staff know about their potential buyers, the
better they are at converting them into customers. Sales enablement
gives you the ability to give your sales people the data they
require related to leads. With this information, sales pitches are
better designed and executed as they can now be personalized to
specific demographics. This increases sales figures.

3) Increases Communication with Potential Customers

Using your time efficiently to reach potential customers and
following up on those leads improves with sales enablement. By
giving your sales team the means to identify buying trends and
other vital data, they can focus on leads that fit a specific
strategy. This eliminates the need to call on prospective customers
at random with little or no information to work with.

4) Builds Solid Relationships Between You and Customers

One important factor that should be first and foremost for any
business is building relationships. The bond that can form between
a sales rep and a customer fosters trust and often leads to future
sales. Even if those sales are not to the same person, referrals
are possible. With sales enablement, your customers become loyal
friends and brand ambassadors of your business.

5) Creates Custom Sales Approaches for Individual Prospects

Again, by providing your sales team with the right tools through
sales enablement, they become capable in addressing potential
customer needs. With a better understanding of the value of your
company’s products, and the data on specific leads, custom sales
pitches are possible. This gives your sales people the means to
target with tactics that are proven to work successfully.

6) Enables Consistent Messages about Your Company’s Offerings

With today’s marketplace flooded by franchises in multiple
locations, you don’t want your businesses to get lost in the
shuffle. If your company has operations in different communities,
the sales staff in each should have the same guidelines to follow
in order for your business to be consistent from one location to
the next. Sales enablement achieves this and maintains it.

7) Generates a Higher and Regular Flow of Revenue

The main benefit that results from implementing sales enablement
in an increase in sales revenue. It is what makes this process
attractive to businesses that range in size from small
entrepreneurs to large corporations. The efficiency that is
incorporated by sales enablement makes your sales team better at
what they do, which translates to higher conversion rates.

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Sales Enablement – How to Identify Whether Your Company Requires

If your company is following a model that is reactive, as
opposed to proactive, you are experiencing problems. The inability
to convert potential buyers into customers is your first major
clue. Sales enablement strategies can resolve these issues long
before they become issues. You end up with the right sales people
using correct data to reach sales projections.

Sales Enablement – How to Properly Implement this Strategy

There is an effective, four-part method to adding sales
enablement to your company’s infrastructure. Here is a simplified
look at how to do this.

image3 2


The best way to create a powerful and dynamic sales team starts
with the people you put in that department. This means having a
strong recruitment program in place that ensures that you hire the
correct individuals for the job. It also means hiring enough staff
to properly execute the sales strategies with which you will be
building your revenue stream.

A simple recruitment program could include the following:

  • Assessment of potential employee skills and
  • Training programs designed to enhance existing
  • Knowledge related to the company and products

Skills Development

The very next step following the selection of your sales team is
the training and coaching stage. You can’t just build a solid
team by leaving them to figure out what to do on their own. This is
why it is essential to provide high-quality training programs that
will develop their sales skills. This also means that ongoing
upgrading and coaching will keep your sales team sharp and

The main goals of any skills development program should include
these elements:

  • Coaching programs provided on a regular
  • Ongoing upgrading through cycles of workshops
    and seminars
  • Regular access to the training tools for
    reference at any time
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After you have given your sales team the best training possible,
they should have the knowledge they need in order to represent your
business effectively. However, what they still need is the data and
information about your products. You can only have the best sales
team on the planet when they know all there is to know about what
they sell and what makes those products great.

In order to keep your sales staff properly equipped, they need
these tools:

  • Inter-department data and information to share
    and gather customer details from all sources
  • Ongoing access to current and updated product
    information to assist with sales
  • Latest software
    like live chat
    , video call, co-browsing to
    enable regular contact with potential customers and ongoing contact
    with existing buyers:

Acquire - live chat

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It is hard to actually know what is working and what is not in a
sales strategy without regular assessment. This is where you
analyze everything from sales pitches to sales revenues and
everything in between. Assessing your progress provides valuable
data and information that can be used to fine-tune existing sales
programs. It also identifies shortfalls in training exercises.

A simplified assessment process may include the following

  • Examine sales figures in a specific time
  • Match the strategies used to amass the
  • Determine which strategies are successful and
    focus on improving them
  • Eliminate or alter failing strategies to
    improve performance

Sales Enablement – Creating the Sales Strategy

image4 2

When you enable something, it means you have created an action.
There is a lot more to sales enablement than a series of guidelines
to follow. It is something that will not only enhance what your
company is doing and how it conducts business, but will change the
very culture of your sales department if properly implemented.

1) Fully Adaptable

The specific needs of your company may vary from those of
another company. Such variables that come into play include the
size of the company, the number of people in the sales department,
the location of the organization and any additional locations, and
the types of products being sold. However, sales enablement can be
implemented in any and all businesses.

2) Eliminates Barriers

Different departments in any sized company tend to become
detached from one another. This can hurt overall business as the
sales department success is directly related to the existence of
all other departments. With a well-executed sales enablement
program, these barriers between departments are removed and
everyone works together for the success of the company.

3) More Hands-On Approach

The departments that are not directly involved in sales are
typically focused on anything but revenue generation. It also means
that sales departments are often left to fend for themselves in any
situation within the company structure. Sales enablement provides
all other departments with the knowledge that gives them
opportunities to assist when needed, which aids in overall company

4) Shared Success

Where sales enablement benefits any company, big or small, the
most is on the bottom line. With all departments working together
and communicating smoothly, employees are better equipped for any
circumstance. It provides an enhanced environment for sales
conversions, and with more sales resulting from better
communication, when business increases, everyone benefits.

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Sales Enablement – In a Nutshell

So, what exactly does this mean for your company? It depends on
how your sales team functions within the framework you have given
them. Without proper instruction and the resources to refer to, you
are setting your business up for failure. However, there is a
simple resolution to this problem.

It comes from the principles behind sales enablement and it
looks like this:

  • Hire the best talent to sell your products and give them
  • Provide your talent with the tools they need for successful
    sales and give them sales projections.
  • Monitor and analyze the results and fine-tune where required
    (it is through fine tuning that shortfalls will be
  • Include all departments in a team setting and watch your
    company revenues increase.

Sales Enablement – What Makes It Work Best

There are key factors that contribute to the success in the
implementation of this strategy. They are not always as tangible as
the benefits that have been outlined above, but they do have an
impact on the final results. These factors include the

Complete Buy-In from All

Any new process that gets introduced to an existing operation
has to be accepted by all. In order for sales enablement to be
successful, all members of every department must participate. The
greatest success comes from the collaboration of all team members.
Without the support of every department head and those working in
the departments, gaps will develop.

Introduction Based on Success

One effective way to create a complete buy-in setting for
employees is to introduce a new concept based on the way in which
it will improve the work environment. The success of sales
enablement is related to how it increases the connections within
each department. Plus, forcing staff to change just because it is
trendy may actually result in resistance.

Openness and Collective Brainstorming

When staff members are treated respectfully, they respond
differently. Sales enablement also gives employees the opportunity
to offer input, suggestions and idea sharing. This not only
enhances their existing skills, but it can reveal hidden skills
that can now be nurtured. With everyone working in the same
direction, success on all levels is eminent.

Free Bonus Download: Use this checklist to make sure
you’re doing everything you can to get more conversions!
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In Conclusion

With so many businesses competing for the same customers, you
need an edge. Having the best-quality products in your niche is
just part of the equation. Sales enablement compliments this by
introducing other important elements to your sales team. It
includes giving the best sales people you bring together the most
advanced training and sales tools possible.

By creating a team within your company that connects all
departments, you support and empower your sales department. With
the right tools, they can perform their job better which results in
more revenue generation. This is possible with ongoing training and
upgrading of data and information on customers and buying trends in
your specific product line. With all of these factors working
together, your company becomes successful and profitable.

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